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What we do

The starting age is 3½, rising in different aged groups to 18. There is a maximum of 20 in each class. The 1 hour, weekly classes contain a mix of singing, dancing and drama. There are 2 productions per year in a local Theatre. The children get a real buzz from performing on a real stage, with lights, ‘live’ band, professional scenery etc. And hundreds in the audience!

The songs tend to be a mixture of good old musical tunes from yesteryear, and modern pop songs (with some originals thrown in). The dances will have elements of ballet, tap, contemporary and ‘street’. Suitable for girls AND boys.

Acting is encouraged through drama games and exercises – developing various skills along the way (including voice work, working in a group, imitation etc). The most important thing through all of this, is the environment in which children learn. It must be fun for them, or there is no point in what we do.

Here are some clips from previous shows, showing different age-groups in action……

year olds

year olds

SHOWTIME - a trailer